The European Union – with its implementing partner AMAT – is exploring an Arms and Ammunition Management Validation System (AAMVS) as a possible tool to promote and recognise good practices in stockpile management. The system would allow independent validation of the concurrence of national arms and ammunition management practices with international good practices.

The safe and secure management of small arms and light weapons (SALW) and ammunition stockpiles is critical in the prevention of illicit proliferation and accidental explosions. Poorly managed state-owned munitions have fueled conflict, crime and terrorism, and caused horrific damage from accidental explosions. The promotion of safe and secure arms and ammunition management is a priority for the international community.


An AAMVS would allow states to validate their adherence to good practices as laid out by international and regional technical guidelines, frameworks and normative instruments.  This assurance could support the implementation of multiple areas in arms control, notably capacity building and export control. To achieve this, the European Union’s 7 July Council Decision CFSP 2020/979 tasked AMAT with assessing the feasibility of developing an AAMVS. 


The Ammunition Management Advisory Team (AMAT) of the Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD) is leading the implementation of the AAMVS. Phase 1 of the project – a feasibility assessment – began in October 2020 and ended in November 2021. Phase 2 of the project started in December 2021 and is planned to run until November 2022 as approved by the European Union’s CFSP 2021/2075 amending CFSP 2020/979.

Get Involved

A successful validation system depends on the participation of stakeholders. Engage with AMAT to stay informed, participate in events, provide your input. Consult resources relevant to the AAMVS, including the project documents and materials and pertinent external resources.