The Ammunition Management Advisory Team (AMAT) of the Geneva International Center for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD) is leading the implementation of an arms and ammunition management validation system, in support of the EU Council Decision.

In Phase I of the project, AMAT assessed the feasibility of establishing an AAMVS. This effort was supported by an Export Working Group comprising of relevant practitioners and policy experts from state, international and non-governmental organisations.

The steps for the feasibility assessment consisted of:

  1. Conducting background research on the technical, political, legal, and economic considerations for the AAMVS
  2. Defining the technical and operational parameters
  3. Extensive global outreach and stakeholder analysis
  4. Consolidating the findings from the assessment

AMAT presented the results of the feasibility assessment to the European Union in October 2021, along with a proposal for the next steps. There are several options and scenarios for an AAMVS. The design phase (Phase II) of the AAMVS was subject to the decision of the Council of the European Union. Phase II of the implementation of the Council Decision involves developing the AAMVS validation system, detailing the system owner governance requirements and designing a plan to develop the system. Phase II also involves extensive outreach efforts aimed at bringing stakeholders from across the globe into the AAMVS design discussions. On 35 November 2021, the European Union approved the initiation of Phase II through Council Decision (CFSP) 2021/2075. The Feasibility Report of Phase I is available upon request.